Shallal - Making an Almighty Din

by Barbara Santi
11 minutes

Shallal is a Cornish word meaning ‘making an almighty din’.

For over 20 years Shallal, Inclusive Dance Theatre Company, has been inspiring and challenging Cornish audiences through their use of multi-media performance, their collective ethos and unique way of working to raise awareness of arts and disability/ability.

Shallal members range from 8 – 78 years old and includes people with Downs Syndrome, cerebral palsy and autism. Never needing to say that they are political their presence defies mainstream arts.

This short film explores issues of equality, Cornishness and celebrating in one's individuality.

Shot on location in Cornwall and featuring the Merry Maidens Stone Circle, Lamorna.

Editing mentor: Ollie Huddleston.

Funded by Cornwall Culture/Feast

Completed 2010